Entrepreneurial Training and Support Programs

A key goal of US U.S. Inc. is to provide guidance, training, and support to individuals who want to launch an entrepreneurial business within the manufacturing industry. There are many existing resources that describe the process of creating a start-up business. However, US U.S. Inc. will customize this information and make it specific to each industry starting with garment and furniture manufacturing.

US U.S. Inc. will create materials available online and in hard copy that provide an overview to the process of launching a new business. Information will be available in print materials that will be sent by mail, and online at the US U.S. Inc. website. The website will also include links to other government, non-profit, industry and business resources.

Expert Database and Matching Service

Print and online information is essential, but nothing is as valuable as having access to someone who has started their own successful business or who has expertise in a specific focus area. US U.S. Inc. plans to leverage the abundance of expert resources available within the U.S., especially among the many senior citizens and retirees who want to volunteer and offer their own experience to others.

US U.S. Inc., will reach out to business and industry associations and to retired persons to gather together a coalition of experts who can provide mentorship and guidance to new entrepreneurs.

The expert volunteers will be provided with a clear understanding of the benefits of volunteering with US U.S. Inc., as well as a clear understanding of the expectations. A brief training program will be created to ensure each volunteer fully understands their role and the various ways they can help the people who will be served by US U.S. Inc.

US U.S. Inc. will create a database of volunteers with a record of their prior experience and area of expertise and preferred means of contact. A process will be created, both online and offline, to facilitate matching between potential entrepreneurs and expert volunteers who can answer general questions and provide various levels of support, from one-time consultations to ongoing mentoring relationships.