Industry Chapters

The long-term mission of US U.S. Inc. is to provide entrepreneurial support to people within all manufacturing industries. However since this is a huge undertaking US U.S. Inc. will maximize its success by initially focusing phase one on two industries that are in great need of support: the garment and furniture manufacturing industries.

The garment manufacturing industry has been decimated:

95% of American clothing was made in the United States in 1965. By 2009 only 5% of American clothing is made in the United States.
– From the acclaimed HBO documentary Schmatta

And, within the past decade alone, the furniture manufacturing industry has experienced a steep decline:

Domestic wood and upholstery production has been almost completely outsourced to Asia and incoming orders have declined by 20-40 percent.
– Anderson Bauman Tourtellot Vos & Co. 2009 Report

However, the Anderson Bauman Tourtellot Vos & Co. report identifies future opportunity and describes that while it may be difficult for American furniture manufacturers to compete globally on the basis of price, it may be possible to compete on the basis of quality and customization. This highlights the opportunity for entrepreneurs who can create quality and custom goods to help regain a presence in this market.

Each industry initiative at US U.S. Inc. will be led by an industry expert who will oversee the work of their industry chapter. All chapters will follow a standard format and will leverage centralized resources and expertise that is common across all industries. As US U.S. Inc. grows, it will expand to create more industry chapters.